leaflets for the opening of the store


leaflets for special occasions appeared

in 120 ALDI stores all over Poland


distribution of 500 000 Christmas leaflets all over Poland

We create dedicated and uniquelayouts for different holidaysand occasions

For ALDI, we have designed promotional materials for special occasions referring to Christmas and Easter time as well as to such special events as opening new ALDI stores in Poland. Apart from dedicated photo sessions, we have created unique leaflet layouts as well as were responsible for choosing the products from the entire product range.


Some occasions require special setting. Through developing creative concepts of leaflets for special occasions we want to show ALDI clients the unique and high quality of products which constitute perfect choice not only for everyday shopping, but also for special occasions.

Christmas as you like it

The majority of Poles spend Christmas together with their families, decorating Christmas trees and preparing traditional dishes. But there are also those who do not follow Christmas traditions. Everyone spends Christmas as they like it. With this assumption in mind, we prepared Christmas leaflet in which we included both traditional as well as modern recipes for Christmas dishes.

Christmas and Easter leaflets

were accompanied with dedicated photo sessions

and all dishes were composed

by a food stylist.

Recipe for Easter with ALDI

Due to the fact that food is the central topic of Easter, the leaflet included inspirations for Easter breakfast, lunch, dinner and sweet dessert. Within the project we prepared dedicated photo session. We have carefully chosen the best ingredients and all the dishes were composed by a food stylist.

Christmas-style liquors

In order to present the wide range of liquors available in ALDI stores, we designed the leaflet presenting these products in Christmas style. We were responsible for developing the structure of the leaflet, its visual concept as well as inspiring content and recipes.

65 leaflets for the inauguration of stores

ALDI is developing dynamically as more and more stores are opening in different places in Poland. We have been constantly supporting the brand within this process, for example by creating the leaflets on the occasion of the opening of new stores, from which the clients can get the information on the history of the company as well as its own brands.


Scope of activities:
Online + DTP


Scope of activities:
On line + DTP