Nowadays, the world is all about design, latest trends are the mixture of styles shaping new concepts and communication has never been so accessible. However, without an appropriate strategy, tailor-made to match its recipients, it is difficult to reach them through the surrounding jungle of communications. So if we want the campaign to bring tangible results, we need to prepare for it in an appropriate way. How did it look like in the case of SWISS KRONO, brand constituting the symbol of Swiss quality?

SWISS KRONO brand, having included in its offer new products – WALLDESIGN decorative elements – established the cooperation with our agency consisting in developing the communication strategy, launching campaign as well as marketing materials for the new products. We say it openly that the cooperation with such an experienced partner is a great honor for us as it is impossible to remain indifferent towards the brand with over 50 years of experience. SWISS KRONO is the biggest manufacturer of wood-based panels and other products in Poland. In response to the latest trends and the needs of its clients, the company launched the collection of WALLDESIGN decorative elements.

Within the framework of our cooperation, apart from the communication strategy and launching campaign, we were also responsible for the naming and branding of the new product as well as for promotional materials which will not only present wall innovations, but will also become the inspiration to shape the surrounding space. We have designed press advertisement with brand ambassador Tomasz Kammel as well as got involved in the organization and coordination of a popular competition “Become a WALLDESIGNER”. We invited Alina Szklarska, the owner of a popular Design Your Life Blog, to cooperate with us. Our tasks included also the preparation of modern setting and color scheme of the WALLDESIGN product catalogue.

Taking a step further, we developed the website dedicated to the product (microsite), product and sensational animation as well as BTL and digital materials in order maximize the potential of reaching brand recipients constituting at the same time its potential clients, putting the accent on new products and their promotion.

WALLDESIGN is available online and from SWISS KRONO distributors as well as in such stores as Castorama, Leroy Merlin or Europlus.