What do you associate Chicago with? Skyscrapers, basketball, Lake Michigan, Married… with Children, Kargul and Pawlak from a Polish comedy and with… jazz! There were times when only very few people could afford to travel to this city, but today, it is within everybody’s reach.

After over 7 years, LOT Polish Airlines have again launched direct connection Cracow-Chicago. Due to this fact, specific challenges were assigned to the PA agency: creating online and offline promotional materials, preparing the concept, graphic creations as well as marketing services.

Within the framework of the concept we developed dedicated Key Visual presenting cultural connection between Chicago and Cracow. The prepared graphic referred to Cracow folklore as well as jazz music which constitutes the characteristic element of both cities and for this reason, the motto of the campaign was “What a jazz!”.

PA tasks included developing promotional materials which appeared in online and offline channels. We designed mailings, sponsored advertisements in two language versions, graphics for Social Media as well as dedicated landing page. We were also responsible for preparing press advertisement, billboards, flags, screens at the airport as well as special headrests for plane seats together with additional gadgets.